Hay Day Update 2017 News

Welcome back to Hay Day! We all wished for a new update on Hay Day and there it is. Hay Day came with a new update in March 2017. This new update is gorgeous! We want to give you some more information about this new update.

New expansions areas:
Land, land, land you know what that means. You can now make your Hay Day game bigger with some new expansions areas. Hay Day came with a new amazing farm expansions with exclusive decorations inside! With this new update, you need to collect expansion allows in the Derby, mystery boxes and the Wheel of Fortune to get to these new areas. In this new update, they also included many new regular farm expansion areas. A lot of people wished for something new in the Derby. For you guys, check it out now! Look at the new combo tasks, which require you to finish various types of activities in a single task. When we are talking about the Derby, there is something more. Leaders and Co-leader can now quit neighborhood individuals from the Derby.

Hay Day came with this amazing update in March 2017. One of the most important things of this new update is Boosters. What a fantastic update is it. To get your farming more dynamic you need boosters. Would you like to contract Tom and Helpers for nothing? Do you need your crops grow quicker? Or, on the other hand, perhaps fill a watercraft boat or two? With this new Hay Day update, you can use this amazing booster and get yourself secured. Get this new booster as a reward from a few sports, like the Derby or game events. Including the Wheel of Fortune and even in the mid-level up rewards. Amazing, what an update. There are a few types of boosters. Can you get a 5-star booster?! In any case, this Hay Day update has more. You can now easily deal with your boosters through this, fresh out of the box, booster stockpiling. There are up to 80 unique boosters accessible. Likewise, the gift list now offers extraordinary booster-only bundles.

Well, there is more:
There are new decorations on Hay Day. You can now buy Yellow Flower Bucket, Blue Flower Bucket, and White Chair. Hay Day added also the Thai language support. Furthermore, Hay Day Fixes some bugs. Be warned for something cuddly.

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