How to Play Hay Day On your PC

Many people ask us those that is there a PC version for windows pc to play Hay Day on my PC. And the answer is no but we have made a workaround for you so that you can play Hay Day On You computer! By following those that are you can play Hay Day On your PC for as long as you want.

For people that not know what Hay Day is,  Hay Day Is a farm simulating a game that is available for IOS and Android. You can download it on your iPhone, Ipad and all android phones and tablets.

In case you want an extra farm or just like so see Hay Day On a bigger screen this is the ideal solution for you! It is possible to play Hay Day on your computer and since it is syncing with facebook you are even able to get your phone safe game to your computer and vice versa. As result you will need to relog from facebook from time to time but who cares if you can see and farm Hay Day on pc.

you also can choose for a whole new farm so you have 2 farm and you can trade product with each other, kinda cheating I know but that’s why our website is been called Hay day Diamond Hack right.

What is Hay Day?

You have one goal in Hay Day and that is creating the biggest farm in the game or from your Facebook friends. You are the friend of uncle Greg and you promised him to care about the farm and increase it a bit. The main thing you need to do is control your farm, the growth of your product, the time that the factories are working and keep them to work.

With all this, you will gain coins and sometimes some diamonds since there is no good faring simulator game and Hay day is the most popular farming game on the moment. So this is why a lot of people try to play on their laptops and to get an extra farm.

How To Install Hay Day On Your Computers.

First of all, I need to say that it is quite simple to install Hay Day On Your PC. The only main part we need to fix it that your Hay Day Application Thinks that your computer is a mobile device with android on it. We will do this by some 3rd party software that developers use to test there application they make for mobile devices. The reason that those software has been made it that developers do not want to install the application on their mobile phone, this will take a lot of time since it is not in the store. As result, there are multiple programs to install android on your pc so the application developers can upload their application and test some around without that it cost a lot of time. In this case, we will use those programs to install Hay Day on The pc.

How to Download And Install Android On Your PC

First of all, I need to say that there are 2 different programs to do this, in fact, there are more but this is only trusted once that are safe and most used by developers as mention before. The first program is called blue stacks and this program is an open source project by a company that develops apps. This is the most buggy one of the two and I prefer to use Menu this is a better and stable software for pc in my opinion and it is quicker to use.

Our Hay Day Hack also works on the PC Version!

Step by Step Install Guide

  1. Download Memu or BlueStacks
  2. Install the program ( if you do not know how to check the video guides below)
  3. Open the program that can be found with the desktop icon.

NOTE# Now it is important to make a choice, do you want to make an extra farm or do you want to develop with our old farm that is also on your phone.

In case of an extra farm

4. Click on the play store icon and make a new Gmail address.

In case of your old farm

4a. Log in with the same email address you have made on your phone.

4b. Go to the play store and type Hay Day, then download the application en you are good to go

You are now able to play Hay Day on your computer.

Download Hay Day Application without Gmail

You can also choose for not making a Gmail account and just download the official links we provide you below.

To add the application to your android device you just need to search for the import/upload application function in BlueStacks or Memo.

Official Hay Day Download For Android.

Video Installation Guide for Memu And BlueStacks

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